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Midwifery Care

before and after birth


As a pregnant woman or a new mother you you are entitled to midwifery care during your pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

The costs of midwifery care covered by normal health insurances, private insurances may have individual regulations.


In order to enable non-german-speaking families to enjoy pre- and postnatal midwifery care, I am offering these services in english language.


Please make sure to register as early as possible!



My offers include:


informational talks & help with pregnancy complaints

  • information about midwifery services

  • questions concerning the pregnancy & advice concerning pregnancy complaints
  • at home or at my office (also by mail/phone)
  • When: on demand


prenatal check-ups

  • instead of or alternating with check-ups at the gynocologist

  • including blood tests and heart-beat-monitoring

  • at home or at my office

  • When: every four / two weeks (or less frequently)


prenatal class (birth preparation)

  • information on pregnany, birth and newborn in a small group  - see below for details

  • When: starting between 20 and 30 weeks – register early!


postnatal care

  • taking care of mother and baby at home after the birth

  • When: after coming home from hospital until 8 weeks postnatal (and throughout the breastfeeding period) – register early!



Prenatal Class


The prenatal class will help you prepare for the birth itself and the new life with your baby, it will help you to find answers to the questions and concerns you might have, and also to give you the opportunity to get to know other mothers-to-be.

The class can be attended from early pregnancy, ideally it should take place between the 20th and 35th week of pregnancy.


The attendence of Partners is strongly encouraged but voluntary.
Attending partners will be charged privately
This fee can be reduced for families with low income!


The class takes place at the Kita "Anne Frank", Martin-Niemöller-Str. 7, 07747 Jena or online (depending on class size and Corona situation).

There are 5 meetings - three times Thursday evening (women only) and twice Saturday morning (husbands invited).

Times & dates may vary - see below.


Contents of the prenatal class:


  • physical and non-physical changes during pregnancy

  • troubles and discomforts caused by pregnancy

  • preperations for the birth


  • the beginn of the birth: how to know when to go to hospital

  • individual fears and concerns about the birth

  • normal birth and clinic routine

  • the role of the partner at the birth: how to be helpful

  • birthing positions

  • how to cope with labour: pain relief

  • complications during birth / c-section


  • meaning of childbed (the weeks after birth)

  • physical and emotional changes in childbed

  • problems / complicatins in childbed


  • How does it work? Background information.

  • Practical questions: how often, how long, enough milk?

  • Feeding techniques and positions

  • nutrition

  • problems / complications

  • alternatives to breastfeeding

The Newborn:

    • health: screenings, check-ups, immunisations

    • nutrition & weight

    • body care: clothing, nappy changing, washing/bathing, skin/hair/nails

    • sleeping: sleep-enviroment, rhythm, SIDS, co-sleeping

    • crying: colics versus sensory overload, calming techniques

    • carrying: babys needs, carrying devices, swaddling

Practical exersices:

breathing techniques, relaxation, birth positions, practical and partnered exercises

Next Prenatal Class:

October 2023



If you have any questions, would like to register

for a class / postnatal care or make an individual appointment,

please don't hesitate to contact me!